Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Butcher, The Baker, The Blogger ~ Happy Anniversary, Food Bloggers Network

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Food Bloggers Network; an informal group of food bloggers who connect to network and to share best practices on blogging. The one thing we don't do, ever, is link to our blogs and our posts.

No, the Food Bloggers Network isn't a place to spam others. What began this time last year with an idea (this idea, in fact) has blossomed into a group of 244 members (you can read member blogs here). FBN is a place to ask questions of our food blogging peers and a place to share our knowledge. I've seen bloggers become subject matter experts (like my friend Carla who writes a fantastic photography series on her blog Chocolate Moosey). It's a place where over the last year I have seen friendships develop (such as Jen and Kim who are running a special heart healthy series today) as bloggers advance their skill sets or come together to bring to life a special post.

So today let's do what we food bloggers do best - let's enjoy a decadent treat and celebrate one year of being together.