Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mediterranean Lamb Stuffed Peppers

I am very pleased to be guest posting today at Baking and Cooking, A Tale of Two Loves. I was first introduced to Becky through the lovebloghop we co-host with a number of other talented bloggers and later had the opportunity to get to know Becky better through the Food Bloggers Network. We share an "equal opportunity" love of all things culinary since we both feature both savory and sweet recipes on our blogs. Who wouldn't love a blog filled with yummy treats like Kahlua Cinnamon Brownies? I am honored to be posting on Becky's wonderful site - the hardest part of this guest post was deciding whether to bake or cook!

In the end I let the season be my guide and decided these Mediterranean Lamb Stuffed Peppers were a perfect choice for spring. The red peppers are a light yet savory compliment to the olives and feta that enhance the rich lamb filling. Combined with brown rice and paired with a fresh green salad this is a flavorful and satisfying dinner for spring. Hop on over to Baking and Cooking, A Tale of Two Loves for the complete recipe.



  1. Hi Jessica,
    Those peppers you made sounds so flavorful and satisfying. I enjoyed seeing them over at Becky's. Will have to keep these in mind next time I make stuffed peppers.

  2. my favorite bbq foods lamb and peppers you are a genius the way you made them work together thanks for the recipe

  3. I just came over from Becky's and really like your recipe and your blog too. I will follow Oh Cake on FB to keep connected!

  4. Love peppers and love lamb! I have to hop over and see this recipe!

  5. My mother made stuffed bell peppers when I was a kid. These look yummy!

  6. Those peppers look wonderful! Heading over to check out the guest post now =)


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